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Hello. We are Phil and Carey Bolin. Enjoy our web site. We've traveled over 30,000 miles on our boat, Apolonia, a lot of it with our dog Maddy. This page and the tabs above give you information

The tab for "Travels before 2014" includes, among other trips, a 6 month great loop trip, several trips to the Bahamas and a triangle loop trip to Ottawa and Montreal Canada and back.

There are two tabs for trips we've taken recently to the Bahamas. Use them to view pictures and details of the trips. Also, there are pages that describe our boats.

The page was last updated 20 June 2017.

                            Maddy                                                 Carey                                          Phil                                    Phil and Carey
1958 Cruis Along "Paget"
used for local travel
Apolonia, our long range cruising boat

At left are a few pictures from the web site in a collage.

We tell the story that the boat is named for the Goddess of Friendship and Sunshine ... it works ... but the real story is that the first owner was a Dentist and he named the boat Apolonia as Apolonia is the Patron Saint of Dentists. Whatever, the boat has been great to us and we have enjoyed the travels and will continue as long as our health does.

See the details of our trips, plus information on Apolonia, using the links above. Each section has comments and pictures about the indicated trip.

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